Oregon animal rights ballot initiative IP3 is a threat

August 03, 2023

State campaign finance records show that an extreme animal rights ballot initiative has gained more than $110,000 in donations this year to pay signature collectors to get onto the November 2024 Oregon ballot. The initiative has to be read to be believed.

Is IP3 the same as IP13?  It is the same as IP13 in its attempt to criminalize hunting, fishing, trapping, and raising/slaughtering livestock. However, IP3 actually goes further; adding new language that clearly defines artificial insemination and breeding practices as sexual assault. You can read the IP language here (note, all italicized text is to be removed and all bold text is to be added).

Judging from the posts by Yes On IP3, they are collecting 10,000 signatures per month and still hiring more signature collectors. If their new signature collectors double or triple their pace, they will have enough valid signatures (270,000) by the July 2024 due date. They announced crossing the 10,000 signature mark in mid-May and the 30,000 signature mark July 19.

Although it would only affect Oregon, the initiative is drawing donations from across the country:

$50,000 from Karuna Foundation, a Colorado organization that promotes veganism

$10,000 from an animal rights group in Berkeley, California.

If it is able to mobilize some more money from the global animal rights movement in the next 11 months, then it could actually get on the ballot. If that happens, then to avoid the risk that loony western Oregon voters actually pass it, normal voters will have to spend hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars to campaign against it. If eastern Oregon were a part of Idaho, then we wouldn’t have to deal with this threat.

Western Oregon voters proved that they are not trustworthy when they passed Measure 110, which decriminalized all drugs. Even though a fine remained, the fine can be avoided merely by signing a piece of paper. In the first year, only 5 people sought help with their addiction through the program. Just 5. This is why police don’t bother to stop people openly using drugs on the streets.

Here’s just a few opponents of IP3 we found in a minute of Googling, with their articles about the terrible effects this petition would have:

Friends of Family Farmers

American Kennel Club

Oregon Hunters Association

Ducks Unlimited

Does IP3 violate the treaty rights of indigenous tribes to hunt and fish?

Because of the legal principle of severability, if the Supreme Court strikes down some provisions of the measure, other provisions would remain in force.