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Why You Should Vote YES On Measure 7-86

Joining Idaho is the way to keep Portland politics out of eastern Oregon

Northwestern Oregon has 79% of Oregon’s voters. Oregon’s governor and legislature don’t need any votes from eastern Oregon to rule Oregon. This has led to a ruling party that ignores eastern Oregon because none of our legislators are in the ruling party. That’s why Oregon passes laws that kill eastern Oregon industries and values.

But in Idaho, our representatives would be part of the majority.  80% of the Idaho legislature is Republican, and mostly rural. That hasn’t changed in decades, because recent arrivals are about as conservative as other Idahoans. 

Oregon hasn’t elected a Republican governor in 40 years. Oregon gerrymandered legislative districts for 2022-2032 to help Democrats, so Democrats will be in control in 2032 to gerrymander districts for another decade.

Portland politicians are “reinventing” Oregon’s society and our economy, but they don’t understand how we make a living.  In January, state government began restricting the amount of fossil fuels allowed in Oregon, on a schedule to reduce the amount by 90%.  Oregon bureaucrats imposed carbon cap & trade last year, which will increase the cost of energy dramatically in upcoming years. This will force Oregonians to make a living as white-collar workers or as dependents. That’s not the Oregon I know. Our businesses won’t survive if regulations make them unable to compete with other states’ businesses. 

Idaho’s low taxes and light regulation would cause local industry to boom here. Idaho’s governor said about our movement, “They’re looking at Idaho fondly because of our regulatory atmosphere, our values. That doesn’t surprise me one bit…  I understand the frustration of some of my Oregon friends about the rules, the laws, the regulations that are coming out of Oregon.” Fox News, 2020.

Oregon hasn’t gotten control of predators that prey on our livestock, and it hasn’t managed forests to reduce the risk of wildfire.

Idaho doesn’t have a homelessness problem; Oregon’s keeps growing.  Idaho doesn’t restrict the building of new homes.

We’d save money being a part of Idaho. Combining all taxes together, the average Idahoan paid $1722 less in taxes in 2019 than the average Oregonian. That’s averaging together every adult or child.

Oregon has the lowest number of hospital beds per capita in the country.

Oregon’s state school curriculum teaches radical theories on race, gender, sexuality, and anti-Americanism.  Oregon limits charter schools, homeschooling, and local control. Idaho’s COVID mandates were only statewide for a few weeks, not two years.  Oregon spends more on schools but gets much worse results according to school test scores.

Rural Oregon is in a bad relationship with Willamette Valley. Their politicians who won’t stand up to the never-ending series of radical social experiments such as defunding the police and letting rioters and arsonists run wild. Thousands of hardened state prisoners were released early from state prison recently because of Portland politicians’ warped morality. But they infringe on your 2nd Amendment right to defend your family. 

We’re not leaving Oregon; northwestern Oregon left us. Vote YES to preserve old Oregon as a part of Idaho.  And tell your fellow voters!

Vote YES on Crook County Measure 7-86!


Help Us Win in May!

Pick up banners and yard signs at Grizzly Mountain RV in Prineville.  Show your friends and neighbors that you are voting YES for Greater Idaho.  Also, go to our apparel bar on the left side of this page and pick up a hat or t-shirt.

We also need volunteers for the following tasks.  If interested please reach out via e-mail to our County Captain!

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  2. Calling/Texting Registered Voters 
  3. People willing to be inerviewed by media, or take part in advertising campaigns
  4. Letters to the Editor
  5. Door Knocking as the election nears


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