Team Greater Idaho

January 05, 2024

Everyone Likes to Win!

That cannot be more true when going up against an overpowering, mandating, unresponsive government who wants to dictate and provide for all of your needs. NOTHING IS FREE, if the government is giving something to you, someone has to pay for it.


Greater Idaho is not a political movement! It is a movement of grass roots people who want to maintain the Traditional Values of Faith, Family, Freedom and Self-sufficiency. When government provides everything, they have total control over you. This is why we are standing up against the Urban Controlled side of Oregon and expressing our desire to be governed by a state that represents more of our values, Idaho.

In the beginning, people said it can’t happen. Now, the opposition is coming out against it, and they are stepping up to stop us. Well, we are also stepping up to push Greater Idaho to a WIN. This is not just a battle in Oregon, it is everywhere where urban populations control everyone in their state. It starts in Oregon. Greater Idaho is laying the groundwork for changes across our nation. We need your help in Oregon, Idaho and every state. Someday this battle will reach the US Congress.


Now is the time to join TEAM GREATER IDAHO by donating $10 a month and spreading the Greater Idaho message everywhere. We want to see Team Greater People in every state. Go to our donate page, hit the ‘DONATE’ button, agree to the $10 per month recurring donation and enter ‘JOINING TEAM GREATER IDAHO’ in the comments section. 

When you join you will receive a 3 foot by 5 foot polyester Idaho State Flag and a Team Greater Idaho decal. You can hang up your Idaho Flag, take a picture of it and post it on social media and share it in our Facebook groups or MeWe group, or send it to us. Note what county and state your flag flies in. In addition, you will receive all our press releases first before the press gets them, about what is happening in the Greater Idaho movement.

I’m stepping forward to be the first person in Team Idaho. Remember, all people involved in Greater Idaho are volunteers. All money donated to Greater Idaho goes to moving the movement forward and winning the battle.

Won’t you join me.

Mike McCarter, President of Citizens for Greater Idaho